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Hey! I'm Erin (aka your Pole Mama)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Hey Humans.

I'm new to the whole blog writing thing, so bear with me as I figure this thang out! :D

I want to serve you as best I can as your Pole Mama, and no better way than to make sure I can deliver as much information/help/inspiration than a blog, right?! So, let's start with my story.

Photo by: Stephanie Van Gemst
Erin Smith, Owner + Lead Instructor at Okanagan Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness. Photo by: Stephanie Van Gemst

My name is Erin Smith and I'm a pole addict. I've been poling since 2007, for 13 years now, which makes me an actual Pole-Dinosaur in this day and age... there aren't many of us who have been around that long at this point. I started pole to get in shape after I had my second and third children in 2007 (yep, twinlets!) but it originally started with a surprise pole party that I planned for one of my best girlfriends. We blindfolded her, lead her up the stairs to the studio, and had a friggen blast! We were both hooked immediately and we both still are!

Pole not only changed me physically, it has changed me emotionally and it has empowered me. I have survived various forms of abuse in my lifetime, the details of which matter not, beyond the fact that I have been broken and rebuilt many times. Pole was my way of reclaiming my body, my strength, and my pride. To give that confidence, strength and empowerment to my students is my way of trying to help break that all-too-familiar cycle of violence that tries to poison this otherwise beautiful world.

I was a student for a couple years, and then started my journey as a pole instructor. After a couple years of instructing, I desperately wanted to create a new type of environment for pole + aerial fitness. One that helped the community recognize us as a legitimate sport, with student and instructor safety as a paramount concern. I wanted it to become more mainstream, open to all bodies, shapes, sexes, identities, and I wanted everyone to feel welcome and part of a family. Hence, all our Pole: Strong classes are open to all ages (with parental approval of course).

I've been asked if I mean to "take the sexy" out of pole dance, when the reality is that my goal is to reframe it.... I want pole to make you confident in yourself. Confidence is sexy. Sensuality is a positive part of human nature, and if that aspect of pole is what floats your boat, well then our Sassy classes are for you! WERRRKKKK ITTTT!!!! (PS. Sassy classes are 18+)

2007 (preggers with twins) + 2015 (post pole training)

In 2017, I fell in love and got certified in Aerial Hoop as well, if you haven't tried that yet, you're missing out!

And now after 6 years of owning OPD+AF, I have learned so very much and I hope I can pass as much of it as possible on to as many people as possible!

But this is the lesson I would like to leave you with today: Pole is for everyone. If you think you need to be strong, or flexible, or coordinated to start, my dear, you are incorrect. I was not fit, I had no prior dance training, had zero abs, zero upper body strength... I was a normal a$$ human who is also just stubborn as heck and eager to learn and pass on what I've learned.

If I can do it, you certainly can too!

I look forward to joining you on your pole + aerial journey and sharing more pole love with my community! Gotta question for me?! Comment below, I'd love to hear it! Thanks for taking time out of your day to get to know me!



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