Dearest OPD+AF Family, 


My heart and soul is devastated to announce that I am being forced to close the Okanagan Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness Studio. The repeated COVID closures have taken their final toll and coupled with some health issues and some other unfortunate external factors, there isn’t a way for me to continue without pushing myself and my family farther into debt.  


Students with positive account balances are invited to turn their remaining classes into account credit and to make purchases from our in studio merchandise (clothing and grips aids and such) to try and lessen the financial impact this will have on myself and my family. I will do my best to refund everyone who would rather a refund (partial refund for partially used passes) I will also be selling the OPD+AF equipment to my students for the same reason. But please consider supporting your local pole and studio this one last time through in-studio purchases, instead of refunds, if you are able.


We will be in the studio every evening this week until April 15th, for you to do some shopping and to say goodbye to your instructors and the studio. 


Your beloved OPD+AF Instructors have been informed and while we are all heartbroken, we are making sure each interested instructor gets set up with the appropriate pole, aerial and safety equipment to teach at home private one-on-one lessons, as this is the only way to continue in the wake of this pandemic for the foreseeable future. They are still as highly qualified, certified and insured as they always have been and they carry the heart and soul of OPD+AF forwards with them in a new way. 


This week I am working on packing up, selling equipment and merchandise and starting to process refund, our plan is to be moved out by the 15th for the new tenants to take over the space. 


As well, the OPD+AF website will be turned into a portal for you to contact your favourite OPD+AF instructors for private lessons. Each participating instructor will have their own information, so all info on private lessons going forward will have to be directed to each of them individually. 


If you will be requesting a refund, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT OKANAGANPOLEDANCE@GMAIL.COM and please allow at least 2-3 weeks for me to start working though those requests and for Mindbody to return to credit cards.

DO NOT TEXT, CALL OR MESSAGE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA for refunds, I need to keep it all organized and the most efficient way to do so is to funnel all of these requests to ONE spot. I unfortunately don’t expect this to be a quick process, but I will do the best I can as quick as I can of course and appreciate your patience and understanding in this difficult and hear breaking time. 


Watching my students and instructors transform through pole and aerial has been one of the greatest gifts I could ask for and I will miss it and everyone I have met with every fibre of my being. 


Thank you so much for being a part of this chapter of my life. Best of luck to you all and please stay safe and healthy in this strange time. 


Much love, 

Erin Smith + The OPD+AF Team

Okanagan Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness



“I have been under the supervision and guidance of Erin for almost 2 years now. She is a fantastic teacher and coach, with an abundance of patience and knowledge. With her years of experience and abilities, Erin has accumulated quite a following here in the okanagan. She teaches not only at a beginners level, helping those who need that extra encouragement at the start, but at all levels!  She continues to be learning herself and is committed to making what she teaches diverse and as fun as possible.


In any given week during a class you can find yourself not just working on executing tricks and moves, but also working on fluidity in our movements and piecing together combos and routines. I know each week that Erin will have an objective for the lesson, be it working solely on floor moves, or a new trick she has discovered during the week, and this instils confidence in me and the rest of the class. We are here to learn and Erin's passion and dedication has us coming back week after week. 


Sure, I may leave class some weeks feeling frustrated that my body isn't doing something I want it to - a trick that seems to want to defeat me - But the following class Erin will tell me this is the day I'm gonna do it. And even if I don't, she'll still tell me how I was so much better this week and how I've improved, even if I haven't! It's this encouragement and positive attitude that sees Erin’s class always fully booked. 


From the high energy warm up and crazy dance moves, all the way to our fancy dress classes and disco ball, it's a fun filled class. You'll forget you are technically working out! Pole dancing has become my passion and a new way of thinking for me and I'm loving every second of it! Bruises and all!”

-I. H.  



Our Team

Each of our instructors has their First Aid/CPR and is a PFIC Certified Pole and/or Aerial Hoop/Hammock Instructor


Contact Us

201-2333 Hunter Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1X 7C5

Location permanently closing April 15th , 2021 due to COVID. 


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